About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Josh Katherman.  Internet marketer.. graphic designer.. web developer.. custom guitar builder.. husband, and dad.  I’m able to provide for my family doing what I love – on the internet & in person.  If you have any new pieces of software or training you’d like me to review feel free to drop me a line @ josh [at] joshkatherman.com anytime!  I’m always open to new & interesting products & product creators.


If you’re a product creator and would like to be considered for an interview on my website, please email me at the same address with “interview” in the subject line.  Please be aware that I won’t review every product that’s suggested to me, as I only review products that are a) extremely useful and b) relative to this blog’s subject niche.

Take care everyone, always feel to get in touch!

Here’s my latest custom guitar project:

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