Affiliate Trax Review

Hey everyone!  It’s been a little while since I’ve regularly posted here, but today I’m super excited about  Mike and Brett’s latest product release, fully ripped apart in this in-depth Affiliate Trax review.

It’s literally a game changer for anyone doing affiliate marketing.  The biggest disadvantage of only doing affiliate marketing of other peoples products is that you’re not building your own buyers list, which is easily double to quadruple as effective as a standard ‘normal’ email list.

This is amazing, because it lets you build a buyers list – WHILE selling through your affiliate links like you already do.  Never before has this been done – hence the huge excitement over this new product.  It not only allows you to build a buyers list while selling like normal, but it also lets you track EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about click through rates, conversions, sorts and organizes your offers and lets you clearly see which are performing best – at a glance.

One of the coolest things about this, I think, is that they give you a taste of reselling software.. right out of the gate!  Everyone gets a handful of resell licenses included right in the front-end.  This is awesome because, as you may know, selling products is one of the fastest ways you can make BIG profits online.  Seriously, just look at how much money Mike made testing this out:


Well, I’m going to take it a step further for anyone that tries Affiliate Trax today.  When you click the link below and purchase Affiliate Trax, simply send me your JVZoo receipt and I will immediately hook you up with FREE resellers accounts for my Ninja Sales Pages AND Ninja Graphics Pack.

For real!  Imagine if today, you could be set up to be making massive commissions with Affiliate Trax, while building your buyers list.. AND have access to two professionally created products that you can sell access to as well.  This is the absolute fastest way to start really killing it online.. But I can only offer this deal for the three day launch that they have going on.  After this, I simply cannot offer such a crazy deal for everyone.

Click the button below, and instantly start making bigger profits, selling more, reselling, and building a buyers list – all at the same time!

Get Affiliate Trax Here

PS: Just because I designed and made the sales page and graphics – doesn’t mean I’m biased in my opinion.  This software really is a total game-changer for everyone :)
PPS: Remember, if you act today, simply send me your JVZoo receipt and I will immediately hook you up with RESELLERS access to my two most popular and professional products – Ninja Sales Pages, and Ninja Graphics Pack… Both which have made me thousands and thousands of dollars!

  1. Ash, 12 May, 2016

    Hi Josh,
    Awesome bonus you got there. I’ve sent you an email regarding this. Thanks

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