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Josh here,

So when I was first checking out this WP theme, I’ll admit that I thought to myself “Oh great, here’s another Amazon store theme”.. but after REALLY diving in deep I found that this thing is INSANE! So I just had to do a Covert Store Builder review.

I’ll cut to the chase and just say that, hands down, this is the easiest, and best Amazon store theme that’s on the market today ( at least from what I’ve seen, let me know if I’m wrong! ). I don’t say this lightly either, because the market is literally flooded with similar solutions that promise the world and deliver garbage.. at best. If you can copy / paste your unique Amazon affiliate ID, you can set up your own self-optimizing Amazon affiliate site in whatever niche you desire.

I say this because not only is this one of the easiest themes I’ve set up, but it actually self-optimizes itself to display the most popular and highest converting offers to be displayed FIRST when a returning visitor comes back to your site! This theme really encourages customers to keep visiting your site again and again, with built in wish-lists and product-based interest categories!

Get this… when someone signs up to your site for creating a wishlist or getting more involved in a product, this theme can automatically sign them up to your auto-responder.. making this theme WAY more valuable than a simple “Amazon Store Builder” WordPress theme.. Because as everyone knows, being able to continually market to a customer through email is worth it’s weight in gold!

Depending on what products or categories you want to start publishing to your new affiliate store, this theme will automatically find the most popular and profitable RELATED products, based the one’s you’ve already selected. This makes sure that when someone visits your site based on a specific product, they’re guaranteed to see a handful more related and popular products! This increases pages per visit, and overall profit per visit as well.. Because well, who doesn’t want more page views and more profit? :) I sure do.

I want to point out one of my favorite features of this theme.. It’s SO well developed, that honestly right out of the box your store will be set up to be functional, sharable, and just simply AWESOME.

Sure there are a wealth of customization options to make your store ‘yours’ and look how you please, but I thought I would mention that seriously this theme looks freakin GREAT right off the bat! ( You can quickly select a general color scheme from the admin options for a quick overall color customization ) I’ve personally used a couple different themes that it seems like you need to read a 400 page set-up guide just to get your store to function correctly.. let alone look sharp and professional!

Overall this theme is functional, customizable, gorgeous, and most importantly it lets you easily maximize your profits! I would recommend snagging this up while you can before the price goes back up.

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