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Hey guys Josh here..

I’ve only recently heard of eCom.. At first I wasn’t too impressed but when I dove in deep, I decided to do an eCom Edge Review to give it a fair shot.. I fell in love! This has the most potential to let ANYONE start generating massive incomes online – without any technical knowledge or anything needed.

I know the potential of making money using Amazon and other affiliate links, because the FIRST money I made online was from a site called  There I reviewed related products to my niche that I found were in Amazon.

Now I only had maybe 50-80 people coming to my site a day so I didn’t make crazy amounts of money ( about $100-$200 a month ) but I would make money from ANYTHING they bought on Amazon…

Didn’t matter what it was.. the product I reviewed.. shirts.. bras.. super expensive watches.. everything! If initially went through my link – then I got credit and commissions for every single thing they bought on Amazon.  & sometimes even for months and months after they even clicked on the link!

There is real power in this course, and I can prove it’s effectiveness first hand.  Don’t forget that this course was actually created & backed by an INSANE amount of industry pros that have rigorously tested this creation to PROVE that it can generate money for anyone starting out – regardless of your niche!

This is one of those opportunities that if you jump in quick you get the full advantage – but if you drag your feet in late you will greatly miss out, or even worse not be available.

I mean these guys generate absolutely insane amounts using these exact & proven methods.  For real! :)  Have a look:


And these guys do it ALL, using an exact and simple, repeatable, proven method that’s practically fail-safe.

If you’ve been trying to generate some extra money on the side, or even trying to put full-time effort into creating your own online business, then this is the way to go!  I strongly give this product a 5 / 5.  Two huge thumbs up through this Ecom Edge Review.

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  1. Sandra B, 08 December, 2015

    thank you josh for this review. I bought this from your review and I am very happy with my purchase!! eCom edge gives you all the things you need to grow your own passive income streamline. Is there any way we can rate the software too, along beside you?

  2. Josh Katherman, 08 December, 2015

    Hey Sandra, I will see if I can enable user reviews. I’ll get back to ya.

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