Explaindio Review – A Pretty Good Video Maker For Certain Types of Videos

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Today I’m checking out a new Video Creation software in this Explaindio Review. Most of you have probably at least heard about this software before, as it’s a very big seller on JVZoo, but I’m reviewing it because there are actually a couple of drawbacks that I found while using it.. but I’ll talk about that in a little bit.

By far, the BEST thing about Explaindio are the video templates that come already packaged with the software. These are TOP quality animated templates that give you an insane head-start on creating your video. There’s an incredible amount of them included by default, and they’re just simply awesome. If you want to make a professional video easily and quickly, this is your ticket! Check out just a couple of the templates below.  This + the live text tracing features, those are the two positive points that I like about explaindio..



Another cool feature is the whiteboard sketching capabilities. This lets you input your desired text or SVG image, and explaindio actually sketches it out in real time inside the video you’re making! How awesome is that.. So if you’re planning on making some sort of an explainer video.. get this. You will love it.

I should note: Right now they’re set at a one-time price.. this ISN’T permanent! It’s changing to a yearly subscription, when? I don’t know.. But if you’re interested in making a video for a product or service, or if you even think you might be in the near future, I would pick this software up now before they change it to a reoccurring payment subscription! No one likes to keep paying for anything, I know I sure don’t.

Now to the drawbacks..

#1) You see those cool animated templates?  Well, you can’t make everything custom yourself.. you’re essentially ‘set in’ to whatever template you choose.  Not completely set in but it isn’t totally customizable at all.. like I really would have hoped it would have been.

#2) When uploading your own custom images (You only need to do this if you require a custom video), you’re limited to bmp & svg images which limits the possibilities of what you can create by far…


So in the end, I couldn’t create the video that I wanted beacause my video required tons of custom content and slide creation.. and this simply couldn’t cut it.  These are the reasons that are holding me back from giving this software a passing score in this Explaindio review.

If you’re aware of it’s limitations but still want to take a look.. I would snag this up while you can, BEFORE the price turns to a yearly reoccurring subscription. Click the button below to learn more and visit the official Explaindio site :)

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