JVZoo Funnel Setup With An Upsell & Downsell + Best Practices

Hey all, I wanted to connect specifically with a handful of readers that have said setting up a JVZoo Product Funnel is a little overwhelming and difficult for them.  So I thought I would make a quick tutorial showing exactly how I’ve successfully set up a simple upsell / downsell system inside this JVZoo funnel setup.

Sure, you can set up a crazy complicated funnel with 8 different products, tons of ‘no thanks’ links, and a seemingly endless spiderweb of different products flashing in front of you.. But in this tutorial I really wanted to start simple and show a simple but yet effective 2-3 part funnel.

To complete any steps, I’m assuming that you already have all three individual files of your launch ready and uploaded as individual products into JVZoo.
STEP 1:  Login & Head to ‘Sales Funnels’ Under the “Sellers” Main Menu Link

In this example we’re dissecting, I’ve started with the front end product which is Ninja Graphics Pack.  After purchasing the front end, my new customer is redirected to the Developers / Re-sellers Rights version of my graphics pack at a much higher price range than the front end. If they say no, they’re then redirected to my downsell page of JUST the extra templates & multi-site license for much much less.

QUICK TIP #1: Another cool idea is to add an on-exit or conditional popup to your sales page, offering a $1 trial of your product with the remainder of the payment being processed 7 days (or other?) later.

After clicking the “Sales Funnels”, you’ll come to a page with a yellow button on the right hand side that says “Add A Sales Funnel”.  This is where you select your initial main front end product, and the top green box will be for your upsell product, the red bottom area for your downsell.  Take a look at my completed 3 part jvzoo product funnel, to make sure yours is set up correctly.


You’ll see that underneath is where you can individually select and apply your upsell and downsell products.

QUICK TIP #2: A great idea for a product upsell or downsell is to just give your customer tons more of what they’re already buying.  Sometimes simply making the ‘boat a little bigger’ is all it takes to get them to spend double what they already have.    I mean you already know they want what they’ve purchased because they’ve bought it, so obviously to have more of, and varieties of, what they already have – it’s almost automatically enticing :)

A very important thing to remember: I almost launched a product without realizing this… I had already got a link for my main product which I put on my main sales page.. right?  Well I created the funnel after I had put this link on the sales page. But what I forgot is that when you create a funnel, your main product link will change since it’s part of – and later directing through and to – a funnel.
I hope this helps some of you out there in clarifying a simple and straight forward JVZoo sales funnel setup :)


What struggles are you going through, related to JVZoo products & funnels right now?  What kind of success have you had in doing products with a lot ( like 6+ ) extra products included in the funnel?  Give your honest opinions and personal stories below.

  1. buy madden 16 coins, 06 May, 2016

    Love the site– very user pleasant and lots to see!

  2. David, 21 July, 2016

    Hey there!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to demonstrate this – it really helped me. I loved your tips, too. The one with $1 trial and recurring payment is something I have been wondering about for a while. Could you explain how to set that up? Is that a JVzoo or paypal thing?

    All the best!


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