Pixel Studio FX Review – Cover Designs Made Easy

Hey everyone, if you have any digital products that need a professional touch for: A cover or general e-cover / software box / product packaging etc – then you HAVE to check out Pixel Studio FX from Jimmy Kim.

It’s packed full of really awesomely crafted templates.. So awesome that it surprised me when I first saw how incredibly awesome they really are.  Take a look! ;D


After logging in and selecting a template for your project, the software makes it so simple that within a couple minutes and some customizations you have a REALLY nice graphics that just scream ‘I know what I’m doing’.

If you combine this software with a well crafted sales page, and you have a killer combination that has the potential to catch the eyes of even huge affiliates.

I mean, we all know how important first impressions are.  I admittedly always quickly click away from poorly designed sales pages and products… If someone can’t take the time, money, or effort to create a well designed product, then most people just simple won’t bother.

Just simply for the 250 templates alone this is far worth the price that Jimmy is asking, so with a huge thumbs up I recommend this in my Pixel Studio FX review with flying colors.

But Jimmy doesn’t leave ya high an dry if you have a not so ‘normal’ niche.. He’s packed in 23 different specific niche categories for all kinds of subjects.. If you include all the variations there is over 3000+ combinations!

This software works on both Mac and PC, and I know personally that Jimmy offers superior support.  Even though there’s no technical support required to use and profit from using Pixel Studio FX.. even if you find yourself in a hickup, technical support is always just a couple clicks away.

Get Pixel Studio FX Here
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