Profit Canvas

Hey all!  I’m really excited today to present to you my newest product: Profit Canvas – I joined up with Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine to create an All-In-One Solution that includes the software and the training that you  need to start & run a successful online business.

In total for ProfitCanvas, my responsibilities and contribution was that I designed and implemented the full UI for the front and backend.. I created 150 pro templates – and 150 mobile versions of each.  I also coded and developed parts of actual software itself.. I created, designed & coded new features ( included the ruler & px marker features ), as well as designing and coding the full sales page and upsell / downsell pages + the JV page.

Profit Canvas

An insane amount of hours went into development and testing of this software by EVERYONE.. In the end our initial 3 day launch did almost a quarter million dollars!  Don’t take my word for it, join the thousands and thousands of others who have already signed up.

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  1. Björn Rydberg, 05 January, 2016

    Can you recomend a plugin/autoresponder that is free or without any monthly fee
    I just like to get some info from prospect name email telephone

  2. Josh Katherman, 05 January, 2016

    Hey Bjorn, yeah definitely. Mailchimp is free up to a certain subscriber amount, so you could use it to collect leads until you hit the cap.. By which time you should consider the paid options because if you’re going to regularly mail and collect leads, you will most likely be paying $$ for anything over 1 or 2k emails.

    There’s also

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