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Today I’m reviewing The Logo Creator. Now of course, there’s a handful of solutions for making logos out there on the market; You could order one from Fiverr or another freelance site, but the end result is based on the ideas and styles of the designer, not yours.

It gives you HUNDREDS of premade templates to start from and an insane amount of options and effects you can apply to your template of choice. So essentially, think about the type of logo you need, choose a template that most closely matches what you want, and customize with your own text and graphics (they include a CRAP ton of graphics that you can toss in for an icon or graphic for your logo as well!).

I’ve personally seen people with literally NO design skills, create absolutely beautiful logos with this software! It’s as easy as it comes, being 100% drag and drop.

The coolest thing about this software is that it’s a ONE TIME PAYMENT.. So you pay once, and you can create unlimited logos for LIFE! That means you don’t have to keep hiring freelancers or ordering more “gigs” to keep getting pro logos made.. if you need a new logo just open up the software, find a template and boom.. awesome new logo. It’s honestly as easy as that.

I honestly can’t recommend this piece of software enough, because of it’s extremely low learning curve, it’s wealth of premade logo templates. It’s just TOO easy to use, and create PRO logos.. I’ve actually lost design clients that typically ordered logos, to The Logo Creator software!!! That’s actually how I learned about it, a client that I had stopped ordering logos from me because they were having great success making their own logos using this software.

Now I don’t think that someone with no design talent could produce a logo QUITE as good as a really really good designer could.. but just the fact that anyone can do it and get awesome results.. speaks volumes to me!

The interface is extremely easy to use, honestly about as simple as it can possibly get.

What’s even cooler about it, is that you’re not just limited to logos. Think about it, it lets you design custom graphics right? You can easily make Facebook backgrounds, graphical headers.. buttons.. literally ANYTHING that you use with graphics, you can create with this piece of software! The options are limitless with what you can create, only limited by your imagination.

I highly recommend this software in this The Logo Creator review – to anyone wanting to design their own logos, FB graphics, graphical headers, or any type of graphic.. Click the button below to watch videos that show you first hand how easy and awesome this software is.

Start Making Killer Logos With The Logo Creator
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