Tips For Increasing Your Likelihood Of Getting JVZoo Product Of The Day [POTD]

Hey everyone.. Today I’m covering what I view as the most important tips and suggestions for maximizing your likelihood of being chosen Product Of The Day ( POTD ).  Now, I’ve been part of 7 different launches that have been awarded Product Of The Day by JVZoo, and I’ve noticed multiple things that they’ve all had in common.  I’ve also been part of handfuls of launches that have done as low as $1000 on the launch day!

While there’s no ‘sure fire’ method for being awarded POTD, there are things that most POTD winners have.  To go over these in a nutshell, they include:
-> A quality product that solves an unsolved problem, or at least better than others have solved it in the past
-> Multiple large affiliates (or at least a handful of 5-10k jvzoo buyers email lists) mailing out all on launch day
-> Strong design skills shown throughout the sales pages
-> Great sales copy that creates and connects to a reader through emotion
-> A strong funnel that offers related and/or upgrades of the default product

If your launch contains these things, you have a fairly good chance of grabbing attention of the right people – increasing your chances of getting POTD.

Here’s some tips to help improve your product & funnel quality:

a) Purchase quality PLR to increase the value of your product, to offer as bonuses at the bottom of your sales page, or even just to give you ideas of what else you could possibly offer inside your product funnel.

b) Make sure all sales pages have professional copy written – focused, emotionally connecting, and enticing.

c) Have your sales pages re-designed by the best graphic designer you can find, with a proven track record of quality sales pages.

d) Offer a resellers and/or developers licensed versions of your products.  These alone can offer a super tempting upsell or downsell that buyers can’t resist!

My product funnel upsells & downsells together typically convert around 40-60% of my visitors into purchasing something else… Simply by offering a resellers package + more of your product as an upsell, or just more of your product as a downsell.

Have you seen any methods that have worked to increase someones chance of getting awarded POTD?  If so, please speak up and share your thoughts below :)


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