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Hey guys Josh here, and today I’m diving in to take a closer look through this Total FB Takeover Review. The sales copy promises quick and regular traffic basically on auto-pilot from Facebook. I will follow their directions step-by-step and document my findings and results as I go through this promising new software & training combo.

“SURE” free regular traffic would be beneficial to, well, basically everyone right? No matter what you do, or sell, or teach or whatever.. everyone needs qualified & niche-specific leads right?

Directly after logging in I’m greeted with an area to search for groups on Facebook..


Which is essential for multiple parts of the training not covered yet apparently.  After trying a search out, I headed on over to the training videos area which should get me up and running, to create a foundation for generation continual traffic and leads.

I went through the training and watched all the tutorial videos one by one..

Following each specific step as to not miss even one.  I ended up creating a Facebook group called “Internet Marketing Launch Masters” as my first.. and made a quick cover image for it as you can see here:

I configured some basic settings for my brand new FB group.. Privacy settings, group description, all the standard stuff.


Now we’re getting into the real training part of it, where it should direct me step by-step through tons of different methods to gain a huge member base for your shiny new group page.  I went through and watched about 10 different videos teaching a handful of different methods to drive traffic to your FB group.


So after watching all the videos…

I have to say that they are super informative and detailed.  While they do cover multiple free methods to gain more members, they’re generally effective on a much smaller scale.  From my tests, I’ve been able to gain a maximum of about 15-35 people a day per free method that they teach.  These do build up quite quickly over many days.


Overall, if you implement all of their methods of building members / traffic to your group, you will do well and fairly quickly.


Don’t believe me?

Here’s proof. This is how effective this course and it’s training and software is.. I only implemented maybe 1/3 of their methods to gain more FB group members, and I’m already up to over 2,000 ( Take a look here, while you’re at it, become a member :)  )


If you’re interested in gaining massive exposure, links, and traffic, then hop on board soon before they turn to monthly pricing!


To Your Online Success – Josh Katherman

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BONUS: If you liked the Facebook Group Cover that I made, I crafted up 8 different color and text variations for you all to use with this program – when creating your Facebook group cover image :)

You can edit the files in a free program like GIMP, or if you have Photoshop – I included a PSD for editing as well.

Warning: Be careful about buying traffic from any source.  While in theory this method works, if the freelancer you’re using is posting to non niche-specific pages or sites then the traffic is mostly worthless.

Even though you might have bought 10,000 visitors to send to your group, I bet barely any.. IF any at all will actually join your group – UNLESS they’re using quality targeted traffic that’s much more likely to be responsive to a similar interest group.

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    This tool is very good to use.

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